Volunteer Park Cafe

I love a good bakery with delicious baked goods and sandwiches! It is due to me being addicted to cookies, cakes, and anything with refined pastry taste. I ordered their blueberry coffee cake, slate coffee, famous brioche banana french toast,

Aura Bakery

I just found this place this last weekend! Not sure why I didn’t find it sooner. Located near downtown Kirkland, they have great selection of french pastries. Including amazing macarons. Aura Bakery 116 central way Kirkland, WA 98033

Book bindery

  Book Bindery in Seattle is creative cuisine. Mix of Nothwest inspired cuisine that makes you instantly happy! Book Bindery 198 Nickerson St Seattle, WA 98109 Posted using Tinydesk blog editor

Slate coffee

  Yummy mocha in Wallingford area in Seattle. They have excellent customer service with the knowledgeble servers. Slate Coffee Bar 5413 6th Ave NW Seattle,WA 98107 http://Slatecoffee.com This blog pressed using Tinydesk

Pierre Herme, Paris

My favorite macaron in the world! There is many location of this boutique but the one I went to was on Rue Bonaparte. 4th generation passed down recipe that is so chewy and the flavors are just amazing. Melts in


    Restaurant week photos from last fall. Too bad they are closing down! I thought the food needed more fresh taste and it wasn’t quiet frenchy enough. I guess it’s more of a Pacific northwest cuisine. Rover’s 2808 E

Palace BBQ

Drove down to Tacoma for buisness and wanted to eat something good. Tacoma is known for ethnic foods and I was craving some Korean food this day. We ordered a Bento which was a great deal with purple rice. It

Hectors, Kirkland

Homestyle food cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. This places has old charm and bright restaurant decoration.The food was basic but then way better then most of chain restaurants. You can tell the ingredients were fresh and local. Not

Homegrown, SEA

Organic and local lunch spot! Located in Fremont, Queen Anne, and Capitol Hill. I went to the Cap Hill location. Quick bite Reuben sandwich with delicious meat inside the sandwich was a great choice. This REVISED Reuben had pastrami, red

Little Water Cantina, SEA

Tucked away inside Eastlake area, Little Water Cantina is a cute mexican restaurant with a patio/deck view of the lake union. Great area to see the sunsets. It’s pretty expensive for a lunch/dinner but I would recommend this place for

Ristorante Doria, SEA

Where to go on a girls dinner? Ristorante Doria is a perfect spot in University District with awesome live piano music. My friend Rose suggested this place and it turned out to be a hit! I highly recommend for some

Tom Jenkins BBQ, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I love me some BBQ. em em emmmm. When you need some smoky bbq with juicy meat this place is where it’s at. Although it may not be fall off the bone style. The meat is very good and tasty.

Cafe Dulce, Los Angeles

  My roommate came home after our first week in Los Angeles and told me about this place in Little Tokyo that has bacon donuts. My head was trying to string these facts together – Little Tokyo, Bacon Donut, Coffee

Spice Table, Los Angeles

    ” Do they make things spicy in Singapore ?” That should’ve been my cue to be disappointed. The chef and the LA press has dubbed Spice Table’s downtown Singaporean flavor. Chef Bryant Ng himself, is Singaporean.  I’ve been

Munchbar, Bellevue

If you are in the Bell Sq. area, stop the Munchbar and see what you think! This place is more known for being a sports bar and a club next door. However, when i had my burger/Nachos, there were lots


New restaurant inside Bellevue Hyatt. The decor is nice and the buffet table is where it’s at! The American Buffet consist of made to order omelet and crepes. Delicious! Also comes with hot food items like bacon, sausage, pancakes and

Yamo, San Francisco

    Enjoying taste without needing discussion Burmese food is understated. Most eaters wouldn’t give it a second thought. In San Francisco, a visit wouldn’t be complete without trying one of its many Burmese restaurants.  The melding of what we

Malri Hyang, Federal Way

Where to go for some Mandarin/Korean Fusion chinese cuisine? I recommend Malri Hyang in Lynnwood or Federal Way. It’s located inside the food chain H Mart and they do not disappoint! We ordered jajang myun, which is hand pulled noodles

PAUL, Miami

French Family Bakery and Patisserie since 1889. La maison Paul is very fresh, fast, and decadent. I love the idea of french bakery that serves sweets, breakfast, lunch, and more bread. I heard of this place and finally got to

Le Reve, SEA

  “Le Rêve (French for “the dream”) represents the vision that owner Andrea Nakata had in creating a neighborhood gathering spot that could serve the community through its creations and support of charitable organizations.” What a great name since the

Mama Melinas, SEA

What a beautiful contemporary restaurant with lovely outdoor patio. I like that it reminds me of a swanky hotel in Miami and has a vibe of comfortable italian place. The crowd was young and hip and very friend service. For

Dynamo Food Factory & Cafe, Miami

Located inside the Wolfsonian museum in Miami Beach the Dynamo Food Factory & Cafe is amazing. Very chic, cozy, and sells books+gift too. What a great place that has amazing tea, coffee and great place to hangout. I highly recommend

Puerto segua restaurant, Miami

Being at Miami beach if you are craving some authentic cuban cusine, this is it! Don’t let the outside fool you since it’s a bit out dated and old but it sure does have amazing flavors. I only had cuban


After my love affair with Shake Shack in New York City, I’m a big fan of the burgers. So when I got to go to Miami Beach and tried the Shack Shack I was happy! We got the Shake Stack