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 ”Home is when you find a coffee shop to call your own”

I miss my Seattle coffee shops. I miss taking the bus to wide open tables, free wi-fi, huge cups of foam, and the productivity that gets done.  It is ingrained in Seattlites to associate coffee as a social activity, as a beverage of choice, a requirement for studying and work, quiet areas, and it does not include Starbucks.

Living in Los Angeles has made it a bit difficult to find “my” coffee shop.  I could do without the long line of hipsters and people at Intelligentsia, the watered down “coffee” at other establishments in Ktown, and places that are to be “seen” rather  to do any work.

I’m so thankful I found Drip, my oasis in a  Korean mall.  I always get the pour over coffee. They get new coffee beans every week, so you’re able to to try different varieties.  The baristas are all very knowledgeable  and can recommend beans if you have particular tastes. While mainly focusing on medium roasts, the baristas use adjectives such as “graham cracker” and  ”slightly tart finish” to entice you try things you may not discovered on your own.  Their selected coffee beans are from Coava Coffee Roasters in Portland and LA’s Finest Handsome  Coffee Roasters (yay for supporting local coffee roasters!). I’m sipping on a recently purchased Rophi Sidama from Coava (which I hear are no longar available..ha!) as we speak (it has that slightly tart finish, but more of a fruity taste to it).

In addition to Drip’s selection of coffee beans, you can choose your filter for your pour over coffee- cone or paper. I’m an avid paper filter user as I don’t really like sediment in my coffee, but according to Drip, that’s the best way to preserve the natural oils (yay for coffee knowledge!). Of course, you can order great a latte and other espresso drinks~ if you want something sweeter, my eavesdropping has heard the affogato (ice cream “drowned” in espresso) is the way to go.

I’m a fan of details,and every aesthetic detail they give to their presentation – extra bit of the pour in cute small pourers, light wooden trays to carry to my table,  handwritten tags for each hand packed bag of beans –  mean a lot to me.  In addition to the great coffee, the space is refreshing and peaceful.  You would never guess you are above a Korean grocery market.

I’m hoping to call Drip “my” coffee spot. But only if they’ll have me :)

Drip LA

3525 W 8th St
Ste 203
Los Angeles, CA 90005

(818) 521-7338

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