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Coffee Toffee Sandwich


Blue Velvet Cake


Cookies and Cream & Coffe Toffee Ice Cream Sandwich


” You’re love is better than ice cream….maybe”

….Maybe not better than ice cream between two macarons. Yes, dear Sarah Mclachlan, you would rethink those lyrics if you bit into made to order ice cream sandwich, or one of the pre made flavors of macaron ice cream sandwiches… or just re thought how awesome ice cream really is.

 I wrote a post last year about Bouchon Bakery’s huge macarons and we at Food + Wine absolutely. positively. love. macarons. While I’m partial to cute small ones in multiple flavors, that didn’t stop me from buying 6 huge macarons last year in New York. You can imagine my eyes widened and my mouth salivated when I saw these in the fridge at Milk. Among the rows of cupcakes and ice cream, my heart was set on the macaron sandwiches-the soft chewiness of the shell and the creamy, cold center. The first picture will let you know that I wasn’t about to wait to take a bite.

I had to turn the macaron sandwich around to hide my bite mark (and my anticipation) in order to get another shot with my Coffee Toffee’s friend, Cookies’n Cream. I love coffee ice cream and the bites of toffee just made it that much easier for me to scarf the dessert down. I was really tempted to buy another (or steal my bf’s Cookies and Cream….), but we opted to try something else.

Milk is updated ice cream shop-all of their ice cream is home made.  There are a multitude of flavors to customize with cookies to make you own ice cream sandwich,  huge sundaes dripping with hot fudge, cupcakes, ice cream cake, and their famous blue velvet cake. I use to obsessed with blue colored food when I was young, but recently, it hasn’t quite fit into my appetite. While the cake was moist, it was a bit too sweet and artificial for my taste. The frosting didn’t have that creamy cream cheese frosting to it.

I’m not a huge fan of sweets, but since the weather has gotten warm in LA, I’ve been craving those macaron ice cream sandwiches. I’m amazed at anyone who wouldn’t be tempted by some sweet delight that Milk has in its shelves.

Parking is available.


7290 Beverly Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 939-645

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